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Focused on Current Production, Aged & Specialist Habanos

Based in Mayfair, London.

Building a collection?

VTOLA allows everyone from aficionados to beginners alike the ability to share in the passion of the cigar world. As such we devised cellar plans, where experienced staff at VTOLA help users build a varied cellar for their exacting tastes and personal enjoyment.

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How To Pair Coffee & Cigars

  ‘What grows together, goes together,” is an expression chiefly used by chefs and wine lovers alike, but can equally be applied to coffee and cigars. Granted cigars are neither imbibed nor eaten, however the tobacco leaves that produce the flavour thrive in the same conditions as the coffee bean. This is because both are

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The Travelling Aficionado: Packing For The Summer

  Summer is upon us and for many that means time for a well deserved holiday. Whether you’re planning on a short break or a longer trip to the corners of the world, you can be sure that an aficionado will never be far from their cigars. Equally, it is key to remember that wherever

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Purdey: Why You Should Always Add Smoke To The Fire

  In the modern world, it seems there are 2 or 3 brands that dominate the market. Horology has Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piguet; the automotive game belongs to Rolls Royce and Ferrari. The same logic can applied to shooting, where only three companies hold the title of Best London, Quality Gunmakers. However, within

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